Stay Healthy While Traveling

Me and a colleague of mine as chatting up on Traveling and she is as passionate as I am on exploring the world. While I love to travel solo and do crazy things, she is someone who needs a partner to travel and do some wild stuff. Off the hat, she came up with a question and asked my opinion. The question was, what do I do if fall sick when I travel alone??

It took me few minutes to come up with some sensible things to talk to her.

The First thing, I would be that one should know their body well enough.

It was just first in my list of so much. Personally, I take lot of time to understand me really well, both physically and emotionally. In this scenario, the most important is to realise how your body works.

Each of us are unique, what works for me may not automatically work for you. For example, I am a person who isn’t a good sleeper at nights from childhood, but I have learned ways to cope up and live with that. Specifically because prolonged lack of sleep affects your immunity and make you get sick often. But I ensure to make the lost sleep by resting often during the day, eat healthy and take supplements to stay healthy. This is my body and how it manage with lack of sleep?? How would you cope??

The best thing one could do irrespective of anything before you venture on a Holiday, is to prepare yourself physically by taking supplements, eat healthy, be relaxed mentally and keep your immunity levels in the best shape.

If Sick during your Trip

In spite of all my preparations, I have fallen sick so many times during several trips. But lucky enough, didn’t have to go to hospital as I could manage it myself. Getting help from a local to buy a safe medicine to manage till I am back home and eat healthy accordingly my sickness. Knowing your body helps here.

I also told her that if she has any allergies or a medical condition, I strongly urge to bring the medicines from itself to avoid unpleasant situations.

The most important thing is to buy up a Travel Insurance covering all the ailments, consultations and hospitalisation, if necessary. I always do it before every trip of mine. Today, the medical costs are sky-rocketing and it will drain all your savings, if traveling without Travel Insurance.

Are you crazy enough to travel during Covid 19??

Fortunately, I did have a good answer to this for me to explain to my lovely buddy.

As I travel often, I have come across these kind of troubled times before, during the H1N1, Ebola etc.,

The precautions and safety measures suggested are almost the same now as that to the earlier virus outbreaks. I suggest to exercise more caution, prepare yourselves better and follow the safety guidelines by the respective countries.

In today’s scenario unlike the previous outbreaks, the face coverings, social distancing, good personal hygiene are the key factors to keep you safe.

I believe Travel is a natural habit of humans and I will travel. Am sure you would too, but I stress you to follow the safety measures wherever you go.

Happy Traveling!!

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