Africa is a massive, intriguing continent. It has amazing wildlife, beautiful landscapes, warm people, vibrant cultures and much more.

South Africa, in particular, is both wildly adventurous as well as serene. One can witness a fierce lion on a safari or enjoy and take in the nature around them. When it comes to South Africa, there are too many things to do in a short amount of time.

Nature is at its best in South Africa. Beautiful beaches, Incredible Wildlife & Safaris, Vibrant Cosmopolitan Cities and friendly & inviting people make it one of the most appealing Holidaying countries in the World!!

I have been there several times and love every moment of it. I loved some the most and wish you don’t miss out seeing them when you travel there.

Cape of Good Hope!

Also called Cape Point, this area is part of the Table Mountain National Park. Aside from a immense provision of breathtaking scenery, the beaches are often deserted and one could witness several amazing types of birds in the area. You could spend a day or two seeing around this area and there are multiple stay options around including good hotels & tents as well.

A walk along the Cape Point trail is a beautiful experience – don’t forget your camera!

Safari at the Kruger National Park

I treasure every minute of this, the real-time safari experience, the warm people, super tents & hotels, animals in their natural settings and the whole place itself.

I got to hear that it’s the largest game reserve in South Africa and it was huge… it extends to linking the game park with Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

The locals say you could see the Big Five (African Lion, the African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Rhinoceros, and Leopards) here everytime, though I have seen only once during my multiple visits… Its worth every penny, visiting Kruger!!

The Garden Route

To be honest, I was just taken aback with the mesmerizing natural beauty of the Garden Route. The kind of green vegetation, wildlife and outdoor and the scenes are remarkable.

The coast is dotted with excellent beaches, while inland you’ll find picturesque lagoons and lakes, rolling hills and eventually the mountains. Though the full extent of it is Cape Town in the West to Port Elizabeth in the East, The Garden Route is a beautiful 200km stretch of coastline in the Eastern and Western Cape Provinces of South Africa.

Boulders Penguin Colony

One would not think of Penguins, whey think of South Africa!! I too didn’t, till I saw this amazing place, the Boulders Colony where I saw these countless adorable, flightless birds. This is near a place called Simon’s Town, a beautiful beach town which is home to more than 2000 of these African Penguins.

From Amazing Wildlife, Scenic landscapes, gorgeous Penguins, South Africa will captivate you from the time you land on its shores!

As I did, you will enjoy the true beauty of the land with safaris, beach days, relaxing in nature and create extraordinary memories that will surely make it a life-changing experience.

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