Haryana – The Abode of God

Haryana represents the face of modern India. The one which is heralding the future yet prides itself of being rooted in its magnificent culture.

It is a state that celebrates art and culture much like the rest of India celebrating its festivals, a panorama of vivid landscapes and exquisite archaeology. Famous not just for its historical sites, its pleasant climate and its quaint landscapes, Haryana is also renowned for being a land of immense cultural diversity.

From being referred to as ‘heaven on earth’ in ancient Sanskrit texts to being the bedrock of Indus valley civilization, Haryana has one of the most unique histories. This land has also witnessed historical battles, including the famous battles at Panipat and has lent canvas for the epic battle of Mahabharata at Kurukshetra.

Today Haryana stands tall with its achievements in agriculture, industrialization and flourishing art and culture. Rich in history, monuments, heritage, flora and fauna, human resources and tourism with well developed economy, national highways and state roads, Haryana is a journey worth experiencing.

Haryana has three major seasons. The summers are the hottest months, March – June, when the mercury hovers around 40° C. This is followed by the monsoon, which continues from July to September. The average rainfall in the state is 580 mm. The winter months are extremely cold with the temperatures are generally around 5° C most of the time from October to February.

Key Facts

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Mar - Jul: Min: 33° C / Max: 47° C

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Jul - Sep: Min: 25° C / Max: 35° C

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Oct - Feb: Min: 2° C / Max: 14° C

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