Jharkhand – Nature’s Hidden Jewel

While it is on the Chhotanagpur plateau, one of the oldest land formations in the world, Jharkhand the 28th state of India. With nearly one-third of its total area under forest cover, Jharkhand is rightfully called the “land of forests”.

The lush green forests, rivers and waterfalls of this primeval land are home to many kinds of spectacular flora and fauna. Age-old tribes are the main inhabit of this wonderful land, the state is also a hubs of industry, commerce and education. A treasure-trove of minerals comprises 40 per cent of the mineral wealth of the country ranking first in the production of coal, mica and iron and helps in making Jharkhand one of the richest state of india in natural resources.

History of Jharkhand is closely linked with 6th and 7th Century BC at the era of Mahabharata the "Kikat" Pradesh mentioned in the Rig Veda, was located in the Parasnath Hills in Giridih district, Jharkhand. This enormous wealth of past times, civilized existence, human societies and their cultural patterns, survive in caves and temples.

The tribes of Jharkhand have evolved a rich crafts tradition, each and every tribes have their own tradition and legacy of handicraft. The tribes of Jharkhand consist of 32 tribes inhabiting the Jharkhand state in India. Nature is considered as a vital and essential part of the life of tribal people who dominate the state, and this is one of the reasons that you can have a panoramic view of nature and its beauty. Ranchi Hills, Daasam Falls, Sun Temple, Baidyanath Dham are some of the major tourist attractions in Jharkhand.

Climate of Jharkhand usually is tropical with hot summer and cold winter. The state is mainly influenced by three types whether season, namely summer, winter and monsoon. Some regions (Ranchi, Netarhat, and Parasnath) of the state are seeing a pleasant climate throughout the year even during the summer.

Key Facts

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Mar - Jun: Min: 21° C / Max: 37° C

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Jun - Sep: Min: 21° C / Max: 37° C

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Oct - Feb: Min: 5° C / Max: 20° C

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