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When you fantasize a great holiday, you dream of wide open roads that take you to spectacular corners of the world. If you Dream Holiday is like sitting by the beach, walking under a clear blue sky and enjoying the vibrant sounds of nature, then this Mediterranean abode named Croatia is your ultimate choice!!

Imagine a country with almost 2,000 kilometers of sun-kissed coastline, more than 1,000 islands (including the sunniest one in all of Europe), and one of the cleanest seas on the planet. Imagine sailing in such a paradise. Pleasant days by the stretch of azure waters in the guarded colorful environs of ancient walled towns, Croatia is the place to turn your usual vacation to a dreamland experience.

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The Croatian nation has changed hands from one empire to the other, from one political belief to another extreme political inclination. History of this nation is enigmatic and has given birth to a culturally rich economy with Global standards.

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The main attraction here is of course the coastline and its long white- washed, sandy, pebbly beaches. An island nation which Croatia is, makes it a popular choice amongst the globetrotters of the world.

Croatian hospitality is yet another story altogether. You have to try the range of delicious local seafood and the organic products of this wonderland.

A rich cultural heritage that lives beyond museums, churches and cathedrals. Some of Croatia’s cultural attractions are the oldest in the world and absolutely worth a visit.

The Dinaric Alps, stretching from Italy to Albania, surround much of the coastline. The limestone karst has bestowed upon the Croatian land, a wonderland range of rugged peaks, grottos, tiny clear canyons, wild waterfalls, preposterously pretty lakes, huge farmlands and vibrant stretches of flora and fauna. There is something for everyone in Croatia.

The haven is there to create lingering memories for your travel diary.

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