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Myanmar (Burma) is one of the last countries of Asia to be revealed to the travelling world. Located between India, China and Thailand, the people of this enchanted land have developed a culture which has endured invasion and change by absorbing and taking the best from those around them and creating their own style and flair.

Myanmar is an unexplored natural and cultural wonder that offers one of the best authentic experiences for the traveler to Asia.

From the snow-covered rugged Himalayas in the north to the pristine deep blue waters in the south, Myanmar is a land blessed and abundant.

The natural attractions include caves, corals, lakes, rivers, beaches, islands, and mountains, whilst the connoisseur of culture and history will find pagodas, an array of vibrant festivals, 135 tribes and a spread of delicious cuisine to tantalize their taste buds.

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Nay Pyi Taw

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Imagine having white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, colourful coral reefs and water activities, all in the same place. It is definitely recommended that you to visit a fishing village.

You can also enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving, and kayaking at Myeik Archipelago. Famous for its large cluster of islands, beautiful beaches and exotic marine life, look out for the monkeys eating small crabs – this rare sight!

If you are a nature lover, Myanmar provides you with numerous nature-related activities that will leave you with a new appreciation for the countryside. For starters, enjoy a climb up Mt. Victoria and be greeted by the cooling fresh air.

Myanmar has a rich and intense history stretching back to times of Pyu dynasty which prospered for a 1000 years from 200 BC to 900 AD.

The Pyu ancient cities are a must-visit if you wish to know more about civilisation. There are three locations in Myanmar with Pyu cities appointed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Halin City, Beikthano City and Sri Ksetra City. This is your chance to step into history as you explore these ancient cities that mark the early days of a civilisation

Pagodas in Myanmar have a huge religious significance to Buddhist pilgrims and devotees. As Buddhism is the main religion in Myanmar, thousands of devotees celebrate pagoda festivals nearly every month in this country, donning colourful clothing and performing various rituals.

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