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Beautiful, defiant and intense, Argentina seduces with its streetside tango, wafting grills, fútbol (soccer), gaucho culture and the mighty Andes. It's one formidable cocktail of wanderlust.

Argentina, the second largest country in Latin America is blessed with vast and varied landscapes that range from rugged peaks of the Andes to the glaciers in Patagonia and grasslands of the Pampas, making it a scenic retreat for all kinds of travellers.

Argentina has many peculiarities that have traveled the world on the lips of its visitors. The outgoing personality of its people, friendly, funny and effusive; the typical gastronomy that ranges from asado to mate, through regional dishes and snacks with dulce de leche; traditional dances such as tango, a couple's dance at a rate of 2 by 4 that was born in Buenos Aires in the 19th century and today is spread internationally, or folklore, with the different choreographic forms that it adopts in each region; the passion for soccer and the fanaticism for its main clubs and players, being Boca Juniors and River Plate the most popular, which fill stadiums and cause proliferating displays of fanaticism in each of their matches; typical games like Truco, card game in which luck and the ability to lie or deceive the opponent prevail, or horseback games on the outskirts of the city that reveal the strong influence of Spanish culture and the persistence of old traditions; and, of course, the personality that each region in particular knew how to maintain and strengthen over the years.

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From mighty Iguazú Falls in the subtropical north to the thunderous, crackling advance of the Glaciar Perito Moreno in the south, Argentina is home to a vast natural wonderland.

Diversity is a big part of it. The country that boasts the Andes’ highest snowbound peaks is also home to rich wetlands, rust-hued desert, deep-blue lakes, lichen-clad Valdivian forests and Patagonia's arid steppes.

Wildlife comes in spectacular variety, from penguins and flamingos to capybaras, giant anteaters, whales, guanaco herds and more. In this vast country, stunning sights abound and big adventure awaits.

Satisfying that carnal craving for flame-charred steak isn’t hard to do in the land that has perfected the art of grilling. Thin, bubbly pizzas and homemade pastas also play central roles, thanks to Argentina's proud Italian heritage. Grab a table, uncork a bottle of malbec, and the night is yours.

With all the exotics of this wonderful country, add a distinctive Argentine take on literature, cinema, music and arts, and you have a rich, edgy culture – part Latin American and part European – that you can’t help but fall in love with.

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