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From the immaculate sand beaches of Asia to the cultural capitals of Europe, the world is at your fingertips. We’ve got some great deals here at Paradizo, so you can enjoy the holiday of a lifetime for less.

"Paradizo EduTourz, an experiential Educational travel company offers rich blend of Tours with great concentration on both Experience & Education, learning with practice and travelling with exposure. Educational travel is a growing global trend which Paradizo EduTourz promotes with great responsibility in India.

As a brand, we tailor-make educational tours and experiences for schools & colleges. This aids students understand, experience and learn outside the confines of a conventional classroom. All of this is coupled with loads of fun and travel around the world.

These trips focus on developing leadership and teamwork skills, building self-confidence and facilitating young people to reassess some of their beliefs, attitudes and assumptions, particularly around different cultures and their own priorities in life.

We want to spread that knowledge, that taste of a different culture, city and people which cannot be delivered only in classroom study. It helps to stimulate the personal development of the students

At Paradizo EduTourz, each project is divided into three segments - pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip. But before a tour begins, the Product Development Team join hands to shape out unique need-based itineraries or experiences. We conceive the product and design around both student's and teacher's needs. We offer the best in planning, organising and execution of educational trips and tours for our valued clients. Our tour modules are custom-built around student curriculum and key characteristics of a destination. We have fashioned this unique balance of addressing educational needs in a fun and creative ambience while retaining the essence of a leisurely trip.

For example - A trip around architecture won't just take the students exploring the Excavation sites of the Indus Valley Civilization but also expose them to the beauty of the Eiffel Tower & admire the Paris cityscape for miles on a clear day or night. Or a travel program to the USA with Paradizo EduTourz could be a combination of a NASA Space Centre Tour contrasted with a fun outing to the Home of the Walt Disney! In essence, the four walls of a classroom are converted into a giant gallery where the world becomes the classroom itself!

The turf of educational travel is demanding, dynamic and exhilarating offering boundless business opportunities and ensuing rewards. We at Paradizo believe that it’s the eternal pleasure to make a righteous impact in the society through one's living!

Why Paradizo Study Tours?

Open Classrooms to the Outside World…

Partnering with the right company whom you can count on and build a long-term relationship is essential in every business and
much more, when it comes to the Educational Tours.

Right, Customized Product

Right, Customized Product

As we understand the unique needs of a school or college and come up with the right solution in no time, as we have the necessary expertise.

Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity

Every aspect of the tour is quality checked irrespective of the number of travellers, destinations etc.,



Safety of the students is the major concern for every parent and teacher. Ours as well. We make sure everything is in place for our students to avoid any kind of mishaps. Safety measures are taken pre-trip and on-trip for a happy time!

  • Pre-Trip: Insurance | Exhaustive Briefing Session | Introduction & Familiarise with the Tour Manager
  • On-Trip: Experienced & Friendly Tour Managers | First Aid Kits | Top Class Vehicles for Transfers & Tours
Industrial Visits

Industrial Visits

Addressing the fundamental purpose of the trip, we organise visits to Top Industries of high repute where students can learn the applications of the theories they study in the classroom. We have excellent relationships with top manufacturing firms, material handling firms, packaging firms, engineering companies, etc. We can also arrange seminars where experts speak about the respective fields.

Strong Vendor Relations

Strong Vendor Relations

Excellent relationships with service providers ensure the Benchmark of Best of Service Standards at all times.

Post Presentation & Certification

Post Presentation & Certification

A post presentation about the Tour and followed by Certification to all the students will be provided

Expert Team

Expert Team

Being one of the top Tourism companies, very few understand the world of Tours which includes the important of best in class accommodation, sightseeing tours, Quality Meals & Safe, timely Logistics better than us!!

Cost Guarantee

Cost Guarantee

We provide a detailed itinerary to the institutions with all the costs mentioned, which is all-inclusive. (excluding the travellers personal expenses)/p>


“One Touch of Nature makes the whole world kin”
William Shakespeare

The Environmental Study Tour program increases student’s awareness of the environment and issues affecting local environments.

Paradizo EduTours strives to give you a practical tour where you can explore the environment in different sections. The wildlife sanctuaries and national parks gives you an encounter with animals and jungle that you will remember throughout your life - the search of tigers, botanical gardens, trekking routines, more than 250 species of birds, backwaters of Kerala and much more.


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”
– Helen Keller

School adventure trips are a great way to experience what’s offered by the great outdoors. For students, adventure trips offer numerous benefits. With adventure trips, students get a chance to indulge in several activities, such as trekking, kayaking, rafting etc.


“Men Love to Wonder, and that is the Seed of Science”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

We offer exciting opportunities for students to gain first-hand experience in some of the most fascinating, scenic, and innovative cities in India and Worldwide.

Whatever their interest, we have a Technology and Science Tour that will not only suit students’ interests but will provide them with an opportunity to expand their knowledge and passion in this fascinating field. Technology and Science Tours are open to all participants who simply wish to explore an interest in this field, and these tours do not require participants to have specific education, qualifications or experience, as all tours can be tailored to suit any skill level.


“Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs”
– Thomas Wolfe

Paradizo EduTourz helps you to gain knowledge while visiting places from the ancient Mughal architecture to the modern form of architecture. Experience royalty, experience the tale of love, Taj Mahal (One of the Seven Wonders of the World). Live few hours like a Rajasthani and eat the local cuisine at Chokhidhani. The four cave temples in Badami represents the secular nature of the rulers once, with tolerance and a religious following that inclines towards Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Talk to a Paradizo Holiday Expert to get an ideal holiday destination based on your interest.

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