Cruise the Indian Waters...

India is a tropical country. Surrounded on three sides by water, the country indulges in everything that range from chilling across the beaches to going for water sports, long vacations on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and sailing in cruises.

Hence, people look forward to book best cruises and sailing tours in India. Cruises have been an integral part of tourism in India, given how crazy travelers can be when it comes to blue waters of the ocean and a nice boat you can sail on.

Head to Goa for the best experience of cruising and sailing in the ocean, the Arabian Sea is best experienced here.You can go for three-hour boat rides from Panjim. These boat rides take you around the coastal region and you can see the coastline well.

These are best enjoyed on a romantic date, when you can watch the sunset together and feel the Goan air. Andaman is one of the best places for a tropical holiday in India. Especially when it comes to cruising, there's no place better than the exotic and fascinating Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It takes about five to six days to truly enjoy the beauty of these islands, even with the cruising on for a few hours.

Some other places to go for cruises and boat rides would be Kerala’s backwaters, where you can stay on a houseboat for a few days and rejuvenate as the boat sails through the deep, quiet waters of Kerala. There are also options for cruising in Mumbai, where you can spend a romantic day cruising the Arabian Sea on a boat and see the Mumbai coastline. Cruise through history and stunning natural beauty as you experience the past and present woven seamlessly into one brilliant tapestry. Discovering India on a cruise becomes even more exciting because of the number of pulsating ports and backwater & river cruises it has to offer.

The biggest metropolis of India, is a city that virtually never sleeps.

Soak in the beautiful scenery and the local sights of the stunning backwaters of Kerala and experience for yourself why it is called 'God's own country'.

Impenetrable mangrove forests, winding rivers, lush Sundari trees, somnambulant crocodiles, spotted deer, Sunderbans is all that and more.

Emerald in the vast expanse of blue sea. Coral atolls, the matchless marine environment, shallow lagoons. Take Dreamy Walk on sandy beaches or relax in Coconut palm groves.

Cruises on the Hugli include sightseeing of temples, towns and villages, whether by bus, cycle rickshaw or on foot.

The unique combination of the sea and the mountains make this petite city an ideal holiday escape.

A "Tourist Paradise", Goa is much more than magnificent beaches, fine white sands and frothy waves.

Visit the heritage sites of the eastern part of India which lies in the banks of this great river.

cruises feature visits and attractions such as wildlife viewing (both by jeep and on elephant back), village walks, visits to tea gardens, exploring country towns in cycle rickshaws, barbecues on deserted river islands, dance performances, and visits to craft workshops.

Some of the prominent Indian Domestic Cruises are:

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