Kenya – The Home of the ancient Pharaohs

Karibu is the Swahili word for “welcome”- and such is an authentic Kenyan journey; No other country on earth can offer visitors as much to see and do. Within the borders of a single country, you will find savannahs rich with big game, timeless cultures unchanged by the modern world, pristine beaches and coral reef, equatorial forests and mighty snow-capped mountains, searing deserts and cool highland retreats and endless opportunities for adventure, discovery, relaxation; more than you would ever expect...

Meet the north’s nomadic Samburu, the camel-herding Somali and Rendille and the age-old community of the Turkana. Race with the world-famous Kalenjin runners. Discover the keen ways of Lake Victoria’s Luo and Luhya, the skilled wood-carving of the Akamba and the beautiful soapstone sculptures of the Kisii. Walk alongside the Kikuyu, on Mount Kenya, and the Maasai, on the sweeping plains. Fish the Indian Ocean among the nine tribes of the Mijikenda and the Swahili people, who embody a fascinating blend of African, Arab and Portuguese influences.

United under the flag of national unity, Kenya is home to over 40 distinct ethnic communities speaking close to 80 different languages. From the hunter-gatherers, whose lives have changed little in the last thousand years, to the fashionable residents of Nairobi, Kenya is a cultural microcosm of Africa.

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Enormously diverse, Kenyan music combines the unique sounds of the Nation’s tribes and ethnic groups with Swahili lyrics, and the influences of other African nations, pop, reggae, hip-hop, gospel and jazz.

Kenya’s culinary appeal and wonderfully diverse flavors emanate from its Indian, Arab and European heritage. Kenyan drinks feature locally made coffee and tea, and the ever-popular iconic Tusker beer.

Along with ancient archaeological sites and dramatic traditional cultures, Kenya offers an exciting range of contemporary exports. Coffee lovers around the world know Kenya’s flavorful and aromatic Arabica beans. Kenya also exports specialty black teas, grown primarily in the highlands of the Rift Valley.

Without question the safari epicenter of the world, Kenya offers an unimaginable opportunity to encounter rare and exotic creatures in fantastic numbers. Over 56 national parks, game reserves and private conservancies shelter magnificent cats, the world’s greatest herds of elephant, endangered white and black rhino and species that are found nowhere else on earth.

Thundering herds of zebra and wildebeest stretch across the plain for nearly as far as the eye can see in the Mara. Rare giant hogs wallow in the cool depths of the Aberdare forest. Golden cats prowl the snowy flanks of Mount Kenya. Leopard tortoises — unchanged for millions of years — lumber across the parched deserts of the Northern Frontier. This is Kenya: wild, rare, incomparable.

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