There is nothing like the sun-kissed allure of the Oceanic

There is nothing like the sun-kissed allure of the Oceanic. Escape on a romantic honeymoon with stunning beaches, tasty plates and private bungalows on remote beaches, quaint villages with friendly faces or busy cities with bright lights.

Known as some of the romantic destinations in the world, the islands of the Pacific are scattered across thousands of miles of serene, blue ocean. Enjoy a romantic getaway in Tahiti, an adrenaline-pumping visit to Australia, a tranquil escape to Bora Bora or a thrilling tour of New Zealand. Whatever you desire, the Pacific has many popular destinations that will match.

Overwater bungalows. Secluded white-sand beaches. Thrilling adventures. Unforgettable sunsets. The Pacific is a dream honeymoon come true.


Bora Bora, Tahiti

There are few destiantions in the world that have the same appeal to honeymooners as Bora Bora. Crystal clear lagoons, white sandy beaches, romantic overwater bungalows overlooking lush mountains - it's no wonder why Bora Bora is a dream destination for many brides and grooms.

Bora Bora is made up of enchanting Islands surrounded by plam-frindged beaches situated in the magnificent South Pacific Ocean, with luxurious accommodation poised over the alluring lagoon.

Bora Bora, a tropical paradise in the South Pacific is the perfect honeymoon. The French Polynesia islands are home to 118 islands and atolls; including Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea and Papeete.

Picture perfect scenery combing rugged mountain peas, untouched coral, white sands and azure blue waters cloud your vision for miles around. A honeymoon to Bora Bora offers sublime luxury, that makes the journey all worth it. This island sparkles within the Pacific Ocean.

Tahiti and the capital of Bora Bora, Papeete are home to vibrant markets, culture rich museums and of course fantastic beaches.

When visiting any of the French Polynesian Islands, you will receive a traditional Tahiti Tiare flower, making your arrival even more magical.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Every little moment can be a celebration of love in Queenstown, New Zealand—from taking in sweeping lake and mountain views from your accommodation when you open the curtains in the morning, to lingering over your morning coffee at one of many bustling cafes.

As the Southern Hemisphere’s premier four season lake and alpine resort, the distinct seasons mean there’s a reason to come to Queenstown on your honeymoon no matter when you get married. From summer’s long days and balmy nights, autumn’s bright colours, winter’s crisp alpine air and range of skiing and snowboarding, to spring’s playful snow conditions and a return to longer days, each season has its charms.

Queenstown gives you time away from the real world to connect with each other on your first adventure as a married couple. Challenge your bond with an adrenaline-pumping skydive, bungy jump or jet boat ride. And if you get a taste for the extreme, there’s plenty more activities where they came from.

For the ultimate in romance why not helicopter into the mountains for a picnic on a peak, or have a truly special escape onto a high country farm, complete with mid-19th Century stone cottage, or enjoy a dawn hot air balloon ride and champagne breakfast over the Wakatipu Basin?

For a more relaxed day, indulge in a spa treatment for two, soak in a hot pool surrounded by candles or venture to Gibbston on an exploration of the region’s top notch wineries, either on a guided tour or by pedal power.

On the water, there’s more romantic adventure awaiting, or a leisurely lake cruise on a vintage steamship, or a state of the art catamaran.


The Coral Coast, Fiji Islands

The coral coast – where tradition, culture & nature meet. Blessed with some of the best beaches on Viti Levu, the Coral Coast’s laidback vibe and huge range of things to do make it a firm favourite for Honeymooners.

Hugging Viti Levu’s southern coast, the Coral Coast’s brilliant palm-lined beaches and sparkling fringing reefs can be reached on a 1-2-hour drive from Nadi. Scattered in little pockets along this stunning coast, sprawling exotic resorts rub shoulders with budget and boutique properties.

If you can drag yourself away from the pool, there’s lots to keep you busy outside the resort too. Like an exhilarating jetboat ride up the Sigatoka River to visit a rural village, riding the coastal railway on the word’s only solar-powered velocipede at Ecotrax or letting the kids play ranger with turtles and iguanas at Kula Wild Adventure Park. Stop by the Sigatoka Sand dunes – Fiji’s first national park to scour its towering slopes for beachy treasures and learn about some of Fiji’s first settlers. Or head to Natadola for a quick surf lesson or round of golf on Natadola Bay Championship Golf Course. For a holiday that’s both affordable and chock full of adventure, the Coral Coast ticks all the right boxes for a memorable Honeymoon!!

Cairns, Australia

Cairns is a Honeymooner’s Paradise and its where the Rainforest meets the Reef. Feel grounded and connect with nature in a place unlike anywhere else – fringed by reef and enveloped by rainforest, the world’s warmest welcome is waiting for you.

Honeymooners, coming to Cairns will not be disappointed. You can choose to stay in an international five star hotel, a quiet resort in the rainforest, and idyllic island retreat or a beautiful beachfront resort with fantastic individual bures.

Your Honeymoon will not be complete without visiting the Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef system. It's made up of 3,000 coral reefs, 600 continental islands and 300 coral cays. The grounding feeling when swimming in one of the world’s seven natural wonders is something you’ll have to experience to believe. Dive into the big blue, home to minke whales and manta rays, sea turtles and seahorses, giant clams and tiny clownfish, not to mention vividly coloured coral gardens. Swim. Snorkel. Marvel. Repeat.

From a “great” reef to ancient rainforests, breathtaking waterfalls and endemic wildlife, experience it all in your Honeymoon!


The Cook Islands

The magical Cook Islands are a dreamy holiday destination for honeymoons and romantic getaways. Surrounded by kilometers of golden sand beaches, swaying coconut palms and the shimmering blue waters of the South Pacific, the Cook Islands are the perfect destination for a romantic tropical escape.

Scattered over an area the size of Western Europe, the 15 tiny islands that make up the Cook Islands sparkle brightly in the deep blue of the South Pacific. Simply put, these precious islands are paradise!!

With tropical flora, myriad wildlife, and a culture steeped in Polynesian and Maori traditions, this is a destination of discovery and delight.

A honeymoon here is a truly unique experience – one of exoticism and wonder, of thrilling adventures and serene relaxation.

Some of the wonderful experiences of Cook Islands are Blissed out Beach Days, Captivating Culture, Immersive Island Nights, Soul Stirring Sunsets, Awe-inspiring Aitutaki - possibly the closest you’ll come to paradise. Referred to by some as ‘Honeymoon Island’, this charming place is a secluded haven of exquisite beaches, tropical flora and unbelievably bright turquoise lagoons.

Immerse yourself in the kaleidoscopic culture of this soul-stirring place and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Turks & Caicos Islands

With beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and one of the largest coral reef systems in the world, the Turks and Caicos Islands are a perfect getaway for honeymooners.

Turks and Caicos is an archipelago of low coral islands lined with crystal clear water and white sand beaches that will you breathless. The 37-mile string of nearly 100 islands and cays (eight of which are inhabited) sits in the tropical Atlantic Ocean, roughly 575 miles off the coast of Florida and southeast of the Bahamas. A Caribbean-influenced island-life atmosphere is on full display all across the Turks & Caicos, from the laidback lifestyle of its genuinely friendly locals to lively beachside bars, serene seas, and seemingly endless postcard settings.

Back on land, the 240 cumulative miles of coastline contain everything from rolling sand dunes to marine wetlands where rock iguanas and pink flamingos roam freely, as well as a wide array of bars, restaurants, and some of the finest island resort accommodations. Altogether, the Turks and Caicos Islands make for an unforgettable island honeymoon destination built on an ever-pleasant foundation of sun, sand, and sea.

Tranquil turquoise seas, vibrant corals and sea life, and startlingly white sand beaches are yours to enjoy when you celebrate your honeymoon at the Turks & Caicos Islands.


Gold Coast, Australia

Be ready for a wet and wild honeymoon in a majestic urban coastal paradise at the Gold Coast, Australia. A place surrounded by a serene body of waters from canals and rivers and beaches. Shorelines carrying an ambiance of a young, modernize kind of romance, waters of the sea bearing surfing quality waves.

Located in the east-coast Australia, this place serves a great rendezvous for an adventurous, fun, wild, and wet honeymoon destination.

The Gold Coast's star attraction is its beaches, including the world-renowned stretch of sand at Surfers Paradise. Beyond the beaches, discover laid-back neighbourhoods, a booming culinary scene and the Gold Coast's famous theme parks. And be sure to leave enough time for a trip into the subtropical hinterland for rainforest walks and waterfalls.

Get your heart racing and have some fun at the Gold Coast’s world-class theme parks. From grand shows, exhilarating roller coasters, thrill rides and slides to making furry friends, this is your opportunity to let your imagination run wild.

For a more peaceful escapade, enjoy a relaxed beachside picnic, waterfront shopping, local markets, or unforgettable encounter with wildlife at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Need a breather from the city? Explore the serene Gold Coast Hinterland for its national parks, local wildlife and natural wonders, charming wineries and lovely mountain villages.

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